Easter place cards: practical ideas for your table!

Easter place cards: practical ideas for your table!

Among the most interesting and welcome Easter traditions there is certainly the possibility of having a nice lunch with friends and relatives.

Of course, in order to enrich and beautify your table on this occasion, you don't necessarily need to have a luxury dining room, or prestigious cutlery but ... simply a little passion, enough to revive your table. with Easter decorations do-it-yourself.

But how can you achieve so many Easter placeholders attractive and personalized? How can you make your table more and more recognizable and attractive? How to make a normal tableā€¦ special?

Sprigs of olive tree

The olive tree is one of the traditional symbols of Easter. However, not everyone thinks about the fact that the olive branches can actually easily turn into simple placeholders, with which you can certainly embellish your table.

In order to create them, it will be sufficient to cover small twigs with paper that matches the colors of the table. Then, tie everything with a nice bow at the bottom, so that they look like small bouquets of flowers.

Once this is done, all you have to do is take a tag in which to mark the guest's name, and place this small and pleasant place card directly on the plate. In this way all diners will know where to sit, and will be welcomed at the table in the most pleasant and elegant way!

Cardboard bunny

Speaking of typical elements of the Easter holidays, how to do without a nice bunny? The rabbit is certainly a protagonist of Easter, so why not make it the protagonist of your table too?

To be able to create it, simply create shapes in the shape of a rabbit or a chick on the cardboard. Once this is done, tie these shapes to the napkin, folded into a rectangle, indicating the name of the diner on the same cardboard.

And if you are looking for an alternative practice, nothing better than gluing your cardboard Easter animals to a skewer: then put them inside the glasses, after writing the name of your guest!


Obviously, given that we are talking about typical symbols of the Easter period, we certainly cannot fail to make a brief mention of eggs. Typical sign of holidays, rebirth, the arrival of spring and "life", eggs could therefore be an ideal placeholder for your table. But how to exploit them?

Try painting the eggshells white and then customize them with your favorite colors and patterns.

If you want to give vent to your maximum creativity, you can also glue external elements on them, such as small buttons or strips of cardboard or tissue paper.

In short, once you have created some white eggs, you can certainly indulge yourself in creating the ones you prefer!


Nothing, better than flowers, are able to bring joy and happiness to a set table. So, why not make floral Easter place cards, perhaps using small flowers or a sprig of lavender, which you can tie to the napkin to integrate color and scent into your table?

And if you don't like the sprigs of lavender, a good alternative, which we really like, is represented by succulent plants. They are cheap, you can easily find them on the market and, above all, with their shape you can use them in many ways. For example, you can wrap the jars at the base of the succulents with wrapping paper and write the name of the diner, or glue a card that will allow you to indicate the guest's name in an even easier way.

Bunnies with napkins

We conclude - speaking of alternatives for place cards - with a nice choice: that of bunnies created by folding napkins and tied to eggs.

Doing so will require some dexterity but ... not too much.

Try to take a napkin, unfold it fully, place it in front of you in a diamond shape and then fold the bottom and top edges towards the center.

In this way, he creates a band to be placed around an egg, possibly white, and then fixes the napkin on the egg by tying it with a ribbon at the top in order to create cute ears.

Then place the place cards next to the plates with an egg cup, then indicating who the diner is who will have to sit in that particular place.

Of course, the above are simple indications that will allow you to embellish your table with really practical and easily customizable placeholders.

These are also Easter place cards that you can certainly make with recycled and reused material that you probably already have in your home, and which therefore will not require great efforts or investments.

However, if you believe that DIY is not for you, because you do not have sufficient manual skills, or you do not have time to devote to this activity, you can still buy practical Easter place cards on the market. You can find them in specialized shops or even in generic ones, for a few euros.

You can then still personalize them by placing cards next to them with the name of the diner written without, or varying them with some other idea.

In short, in any case we are sure that with a little imagination and a very limited investment, you will be able to make your Easter table truly unique, making this convivial event even more welcome and even more attended by all the people who will have the pleasure. to share a few hours of their time with you, celebrating the Easter holiday in this social way!

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