From fire to air: maisonFire promotes ecological mobility

From fire to air: maisonFire promotes ecological mobility

MaisonFire, Italian brand known throughout Europe, protagonist in the production of ventless design fireplaces has launched a beautiful Green initiative which I am pleased to inform you about on our website.

This is the campaign entitled ""MaisonFire sport & environment", with which the company from Carate Brianza aims to make its contribution to reduce CO2 emissions and to promote the practice of physical activity in the open air.

The campaign, announced by the general manager Alessandro Gatti, provides that the company provides a series of incentives and promotions to its partner network in order to pay homage to customers the "MaisonFIRE bike”That you see in the opening photo of this article in the male version and below in the female version.

The maisonFire bike

There maisonFIRE bike it's a Made in Italy bicycle, produced in Lombardy, modern in form and functional in use, but with strong ethical values: two wheels are a symbol that will allow dealers, customers, collaborators and designers to win a vehicle that stimulates them to use the car less and make more motion, helping to pollute less and to safeguard a planet increasingly threatened by human neglect.

The idea, in short, is to provide a tool to bring us closer to the standards that already exist and publicly promoted in many other countries of northern Europe, such as Holland, where the use of the bicycle is an extremely daily habit. widespread.

The businessman Alessandro Gatti, driving maisonFire, stated that "our intention is to raise awareness among our partners as much as possible but also public opinion. We began to do so by offering ventless, water-powered or bioethanol fireplaces, which do not produce soot or smoke or pollutants for the environment. Now our commitment continues with the MaisonFire sport & environment initiative and the MaisonFire bikes, through which we want to send a clear message: living in a healthier and cleaner world is possible and to do it just a small gesture, how to limit as much as possible travel by car and rely on the much more ecological pedaling of a bicycle. It is a useful evolution both for ourselves and for nature, which we have already put to the test and risks being damaged forever”.

Among the first personalities involved in this important issue, there is Professor Stefano Tirelli, esteemed Dr. in Exercise and Sport Sciences and trusted coach of many celebrities sportsmen.

Tirelli he distinguished himself for having launched the initiative long ago SportForNature, which later became a television broadcast broadcast on Sky which sees him as the protagonist together with Massimiliano Nebuloni; the couple explores remote locations to find the terrible deterioration of glaciers and other injuries and damage to the entire ecosystem.

MaisonFire is SportForNature, in full cooperation, they try to generate around them a new all-Italian sensibility, which acts in the name of a single, great collective battle to stem the effects of global warming.

The maisonFire company

MaisonFire is part of a group born in the early 1960s in Carate Brianza. The founder's son, Alessandro Gatti, decides to bring the beauty and warmth of the fireplace to all homes, without having to think about limiting aspects such as maintenance, soot and flue, thanks to alternative fuels, such as bioethanol and subsequently, with electric water fireplaces. Thus was born the maisonFire brand.

In just a few years, the company has been able to conquer an increasingly wide range of the market, offering reliable, customizable, well-designed and above all easy to install and use solutions.

MaisonFire creates dream fireplaces for the most important furniture brands, for prestigious locations, for starred restaurants, luxury hotels and celebrities from the business, sports and entertainment world. MaisonFire fireplaces are suitable for any home, city or country; the company today is synonymous with a ventless decorative fireplace. Over the years, the company has entered into important partnerships for the exclusive distribution in Italy of prestigious international brands such as Faber, Attika, Morsø, Metalfire, Cera Design and Schmid.

MaisonFire also particularly cares about equally exclusive atmospheres, the natural ones offered by the planet Earth and continually jeopardized by global warming which is destroying entire ecosystems.

For more information on MaisonFire products and green initiatives you can visit the official website

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