What is the strongest animal in the world

What is the strongest animal in the world

Talking aboutstrongest animal in the world might be inappropriate for anyone who is fond of animal biology.

Each animal has its habitat: there are ferocious fishi who could never compete with a tiger, as well as ravenous birds of prey that could not compete with a shark. In the animal kingdom, everything depends on the habitat or ecological niche colonized.

We will try to talk aboutstrongest animal in the world first making a general overview (regardless of habitat) and then contextualizing the animal in its territorial environment.

Strongest animal in the world

If you thought you were confronting a huge white shark, a savannah lion or an African elephant, you were wrong.

1. Rhinoceros beetle

L'strongest animal in the worldit is a small beetle of a few grams. Is calledrhinoceros beetleand it can be considered the strongest animal on Earth because it can carry 850 times greater weight than its own.

What does it mean? What a man of 80 kg, equipped with his own powerwould be able to lift a weight of 68 tons! In practice, a single egg with the strength (in relation) of the rhinoceros beetle would be able to lift large blocks of granite marble without any difficulty. It could lift trucks, trucks and yes, even a bridge!

2. African elephant

The African elephant is much larger than yoursAsian cousin.We can count it among thestrongest animals in the worldfor its tonnage: it weighs 7,500 kg! The size, combined with the strength, makes the elephant a lethal animal .... Is the elephant dangerous? We remember that elephants are vegetarians and generally peaceful. They do not attack humans.

3. Mississippi alligator

The alligator is a reptile. It reaches a length of about 4.5, but there are examples of even 6 meters. They can reach a weight of 500 kg. Theirpowerlies in the muzzle. The alligator can exert a maxillary force of 400 kg / cm2 for a force of 16,000 N (1600 kg force), six times higher than that generated by a white shark or a tiger.

4. White shark

The white shark is not the biggest shark. The largest shark is the "whale shark" which can reach 15 meters in length. So why is the white shark counted among the strongest animals in the world? For his aggression.

The white shark can reach 6.4 m in length and a weight of 1100 kg. The largest specimens weigh up to 2 tons. The white shark is fully included in this ranking for its senses (it perceives electric, bio-electric fields, has an excellent sense of smell, hearing ... it can capture large prey even without the aid of sight!).

According to a study published in the Journal of Zoology, in hunting seals the white shark uses hunting techniques comparable to those of a serial killer: it chooses and stalks its prey from a distance, in search of the best time to strike, and is able to gain experience from each attack in order to increase the success rate and minimize the expenditure of energy.

The white shark can also be aggressive with other specimens of its own species: there can be violent even fatal clashes.

5. Siberian tiger

The tiger is counted among thesuper predators or alpha predator.It ranks at the apex of thefood chainof its habitat of belonging. It has no other predators in nature (excluding humans!).

The Siberian tiger has a weight of over 300 kg and a length of 3.3 meters. It is equipped with super-developed sensory organs (especially hearing and sight). The tiger sees even in the dark!

6. Green anaconda

It lives in an area that includes most of the tropical and equatorial regions of South America east of the Andes, especially in the basins of the Amazon and the Orinoco rivers. The green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) can reach 200 kg in weight and 8 meters in length. For such a long snake it is not difficult to attack even very large prey, managing to suffocate them. This predator coils around the body of the prey, suffocating it and then eating it!

7. Grizzly bear

It is also called the grizzly bear, it is a subspecies of the brown bear and is known for its territoriality which pushes it to attack humans as well. Adult males can weigh 360 kg, even though a huge specimen of 680 kg has been recorded in history! The grizzly bear can be very dangerous for humans and there are several cases of even fatal attacks in the US and Canada.

8. Ants

Some species of ants manage to lift over 50 times their weight. Also in this case, comparing strength with man, the result would be crazy. A man with the strength of the ant would be able to lift a truck without any problem.

9. White rhino

On average, this species has a head-trunk length of 320-370 cm, a height of 2 m and a weight of 2,900 kg; some males can reach a length of 5 meters and a weight of 3,600 or 4,000 kg. The rhino is very agile and fast. Imagine being loaded, at a speed of 3 tons of weight!

10. Snowy owl

If you have taken a look at the other rankings in search ofstrongest animal in the worldyou did not find this species anywhere. For us, however, it deserves a place in the top ten. The reason? Just like the tiger, the snowy owl is also at the apex of the food chain of its home habitat. There are no other predators. For all the info: white snowy owl

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