Recipes with ice cream: the best

Recipes with ice cream: the best

Fresh and light but also delicious, almost everyone likes ice cream. We can enjoy it on a cone or in a cup but also use it to prepare more sophisticated desserts to make a great impression during dinner or offer an alternative snack to our children. Here are some recipes with ice cream to try this summer.

Recipes with ice cream and fruit

It is summer and you need a little lightness, plus there are some really tasty recipes that mix fruit with ice cream in an original way. The result is irresistible. Let's start the very simple fruit salad with ice cream which is a classic but which we must know how to prepare. Fruit should be as varied as possible and in season. Cut it into rather small pieces but without losing consistency, and then add the ice cream which can be creamy but also lemon if we prefer a lighter dessert. Who loves i berries, in the summer he can prepare a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to garnish with ice cream but in my opinion the most democratic and varied fruit salad has more taste and is also healthier.

With cherries you can prepare different desserts, let's see one of the easiest which is the paciugo with cherries. It serves yogurt ice cream, as well as fruit. It is necessary to pit the cherries and then blend them together with the softened yogurt ice cream. Keep a few for garnish.

Even the peaches they pair well with ice cream and the advice is to garnish them with some raspberry sauce. The peaches must be cut into pieces and left to brown with a little lemon juice. The ice cream must be added later, strictly with cream and always soft. The raspberry sauce should be put at the end, sparingly so as not to cover the delicate flavor of the peach.

There plum compote in tea with ice cream it is fresh and original, very quick to prepare and healthy. We take some fresh plums and remove the core, boil some water and add tea and then the cut plums and wedges so that they can absorb the liquid. When the fruit has softened we can remove it from the heat and flavor it with the liqueur. When it is cold we have to put it in bowls and then garnish it with one icecream ball milk cream.

Classic recipes with ice cream

The tiramisu is one of the most popular and loved desserts in Italy but why not cook one with ice cream instead of mascarpone? It will also win over those who don't like this dessert or find it too heavy or messy. With ice cream it has a completely different taste and is definitely even lighter to digest. The rest of the ingredients remain: ladyfingers biscuits, chocolate biscuits and then you use the cream ice cream and coffee ice cream.

THE Ice cream kisses they are certainly more complex but they will amaze the whole table if you serve them at a dinner. These are ice cream balls covered with dark chocolate. We have to make balls of chocolate ice cream when it is still well frozen, and insert a hazelnut in each ball, then put it in the fridge. The final touch is the decisive one: when these balls are ready we can dip it in the dark chocolate which will form a delicious crust.

Recipes with ice cream for children

Sweets for children also appeal to adults but have a playful and playful touch, even in their appearance. THE mini ice cream sandwich, for example, they are really sandwiches and can be useful when you need to distribute sweets, at a party, for example.

A similar idea is the one underlying the sandwiches of brioche bread with ice cream, often used as a snack for the little ones. It is trivial to prepare them, you really need bread for sandwiches and then a lot of ice cream of the flavors we prefer. They prepare large sandwiches by cutting the ice cream into slices and making sure that it does not come out. At this point we have to cut the sandwiches into small triangles that will be greedy but love too sweet. If we work in a similar way with cookies, we get gods ice cream biscuits, even easier to prepare and perfect for a small snack, at any age.

Let's finish this roundup of goodies to try, and try to prepare, here is the icing on the cake, or the chupa chups ice cream. It is original but simple to prepare. With a proportioner you have to prepare the scoops of ice cream which we then cover with a grain chosen from a thousand possible. It can be hazelnut and pistachio, cocoa and grated coconut, or a mix of different elements. Wrapped in this way, the balls must be placed in the fridge for half an hour, then we can insert the balls with a toothpick that makes them really similar to chupa chups.

Recipes for ice cream

Who wants to prepare everything from scratch, here are some books that explain us how to make ice cream, of all tastes imaginable that not. It is not difficult but it takes patience. It is called "the world of ice cream" and even the inexperienced are fine, indeed, it accompanies them step by step.