IdeeGreen with Legambiente for the XXVII edition of "Let's Clean the World" 2019

IdeeGreen with Legambiente for the XXVII edition of

The start of the XXVII edition of “Let's Clean the World” 2019, the important environmental volunteer initiative organized by Legambiente which this year will be held from 20 to 22 September.

Our this year it will actively support the campaign as a media partner, providing updates on the initiatives that will be planned in the various cities of Italy but also setting a good example in person with an initiative that we will communicate to you in September.

Last year, the campaign motto "Let's clean the world" has been "A better world comes from collective commitment and community relationships"And beyond 600,000 people they took up the invitation and united throughout Italy to clean up the streets, streets and suburbs of waste and decay.

Many associations, non-profit organizations and active citizenship groups that have joined the campaign by joining the initiatives planned by Legambiente in well 4,000 locations in our country, from the North to the South of the Peninsula.

There were also many immigrants who joined the other volunteers to clean the streets of our cities, in the name of three days against prejudices and discrimination that sometimes make it difficult for people who have only had the misfortune to socially include be born in much more difficult contexts, in poor states or in war zones.

Let's clean up the world and clean up the world

Let's clean the world is the Italian edition of the global campaign Clean up the world that Legambiente since 1993 it coordinates and organizes in Italy, also making use of the collaboration of Rai since 1995. In these 25 years, the campaign has involved 15 million volunteers and 40,000 locations and 100,000 areas have been cleaned of waste.

In 2018, Rai covered the events with a special Tgr Let's Clean the World broadcast on Rai3, telling the great environmental weekend with many services and live links from the events in Rome (Viale Kant, Parco dell'Aniene), Milan (Piazza d'Armi), Camerino (province of Macerata - Red zone) and Palermo (Foro Italico).

In addition to our website, you can stay updated on the initiatives that will be planned over the next few weeks by following the official website of the campaign

The importance of the circular economy for a cleaner and waste-free world

In our paper we have already dealt with the theme of the circular economy on several occasions to try to make our readers understand how important the commitment of all of us is to adopt a virtuous model that would allow us to limit waste and preserve our territory.

I point out, for example, the article by Emanuele Bompan entitled "Circular Economy: definition and examples"And the article by Marta Abbà"Circular Economy: what it is

Companies even more than private citizens must lead by example and think more about the community instead of thinking exclusively about maximizing profit.

An example of bad policy on the part of some companies was the phenomenon defined as Planned Obsolescence to which Sergio Ferraris has dedicated a series of articles on our site.

It is a clear and proven example of how some companies in the recent past and still today have disinterested in the well-being of the community, aiming only to maximize their profits.

But something, albeit slowly, is changing and the number of aware entrepreneurs for whom the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becomes an essential point of the company strategy.

Not only take, but also give back to our society! For example, this is the concept behind the Benefit company, a figure foreseen by Italian law for a few years that our IdeeGreen too has adopted as its social form since last year.

Legambiente: a precious association active for almost 40 years

Legambiente is a non-profit association that organizes activities thanks to the voluntary commitment of thousands of citizens who, with tenacity, imagination and creativity, are committed to keeping the attention on the environmental emergencies of our country high.

Legambiente was born in 1980, heir to the first ecological nuclei and the anti-nuclear movement that developed in Italy and throughout the Western world in the second half of the 1970s.

A distinctive feature of the association has been from the beginning thescientific environmentalism, that is the choice to base each project in defense of the environment on a solid basis of scientific data, a tool with which it is possible to indicate concrete and feasible alternative paths.

The scientific approach combined with a constant work of information, awareness and involvement of citizens has ensured the deep roots of Legambiente in society to the point of making it the environmental organization with the most widespread distribution in the area: beyond 115.000 between members and supporters, 1,000 local groups, 30,000 classes schools participating in environmental education programs, more than 3,000 young people who participate in volunteer camps every year.

Legambiente also manages, directly or in collaboration with other local realities, over 50 natural areas.

Video: Border Soap and Hygiene Aid (July 2021).