How to stack wood

How to stack wood

How to stack wood: instructions for stacking firewood in an urinated way, so as to make the most of the space and avoid humidity problems.

Stacking and cutting firewood are arts to be learned by the wisest farmers. Forstack the woodin fact, there are several traditionsand more or less elaborate preparation techniques.

Let's start with the basic rules: the place to organize thestack of firewood it must be flat, accessible and well ventilated. Depending on your needs, the place must allow unloading and loading with a vehicle (with a car) or a wheelbarrow (in this case a large garage would also be fine).

Do you want to stack wood in the garage?

If you are thinking ofstacking wood in the garageknow that you could recreate the ideal conditions to house rodents. Evaluate this risk factor before you get to work.

How to stack wood

Depending on your needs you can accumulate a large amount offirewoodor a few items. Before creating awoodshedexaggerated, make an estimate of your daily requirement. Careful organization is also useful in determining the right distance from home.

If you have a wood-burning stove, a pizza oven or a fireplace, you will have to take into account the travel necessary to cover the "woodshed - embers" route (whether it is the oven, the fireplace or the stove!). Choose an accessible and close place to organizestack.

The size of the stack depends on the amount offirewoodthat you consume in a year. Have you ever made this calculation? If, however, you produce the wood yourself, then it depends on the trees you intend to cut down during the season.

If you use self-produced wood (obtained from pruned or cut trees) keep in mind that this must first season. For thepile of woodthe oldest wood should always be used and recently cut wood should be allowed to mature.

Therepile of woodit must be well raised from the ground in order to protect everything from soil moisture, mold, fungus and rot.

Pile of wood

How to stack the wood? You can make the shape you prefer, this, in fact, only depends on the territorial tradition. There are square, circular, rectangular or artistic stacks. It is enough that the base is placed on a rise. You can make a base that keeps the wood off the ground with pallets, large concrete bricks, or other makeshift materials.

If you intend to build onestack of firewoodnear a wall, keep in mind that air circulation is everything. Do not lean the wood against the wall and keep a gap of at least 15 cm. If the venue is closed as a garage, the gap left should be higher.

To make the wood stack more stable, you can have a piece of wood placed against the wall every 50 cm of height.

Stacking requires a certain skill: using different essences it is possible to create splendid artistic motifs. The basic rule is to maximize airflow and stability.

It is essential to cover the upper part with metal sheets (or a rigid plastic corrugation) in order to protect the pile of wood from the rain.

The woodshed

To store firewood you can buy a woodshed. But as we have explained to you, a woodshed can also be made with simple recycled materials.

The wood can be lifted off the ground with bricks and covered with iron sheets, held firm and windproof by bricks or wooden logs to be “left to the elements” and sacrificed for the cause.

The woodshed can be organized with different sections of wood: from logs to wood obtained from old poles used for agricultural activities.

When organizing your woodshed, keep in mind that fire logs commonly have lengths of 100, 50, 33 and 25 cm. It is clear that if you are thinking of stacking wood in the garage, you will want to choose smaller sizes.

If you have realized that you have too large pieces of wood, you can do the splitting yourself. What you need is a large log, i.e. a sturdy log to use as a support base for the logs to be cut. Of course, you'll also need an ax or hatchet and safety glasses. These materials can replace a modern log splitter!

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