Dogs on the beach in 2019: the best locations

Dogs on the beach in 2019: the best locations

Every year dog owners who do not want to leave their trusted friend at home, review the seaside resorts of the whole peninsula, and not only, in search of the beaches that welcome them in the best way. We could almost talk about a competition, "Dogs on the beach", which takes place every year. A place in the ranking is increasingly coveted because there are many Italians who wish not to separate from their pet. Being a holiday destination considered inhospitable for the four-legged is not worth it at all.

Let's see how in this 2019 theItalian beaches have been evaluated. There are some good news and many destinations to consult if you have not yet booked your week at the beach.

Dogs on the beach in 2019: the novelty of Ravenna

The top destination this year is in Municipality of Ravenna where we find six stretches of free beach where dogs are allowed. The new entry is the part of Marina of Ravenna, 80 meters to be enjoyed together with our four-legged friend. For those who are familiar with the place, this new dog-friendly stretch of sand is located near the Ruvido beach resort of Punta Marina.

This area was already very welcoming for all those who love to go to the beach with their dog because even in 2018 it was among the recommended destinations in Italy with its other 5 free beach sections. Let's see where they are located. One a Casal Borsetti, 70 meters south of the Overbeach bathing establishment, one in Marina Romea between the Reno and Romea campsites; one a Lido of Classe north of the cliff, transversal to the mouth of the Savio river, one in Lido Adriano, north of the Oasi bathhouse, and finally one in Lido di Savio south of the cliff, across the mouth of the river Savio. Do not imagine kilometers and kilometers of sand in which to run with your dog but stretches of maximum 100 meters, minimum 40, in which, however, it is possible for people who, like us, are as much a lover of dogs as of beach life.

Dogs on the beach net 2019: rules

It is clear that there are limitations to the use of these spaces but it is not a particularity of Ravenna, it is normal that it is not possible to attend them 24 hours a day and without any control over the presence of animals. These sections are in fact accessible from sunrise to sunset, right now and until the second weekend of September.

Of course, no one dreams of making preferences between dogs, neither according to breed, nor according to age, or even according to size, but a requirement is essential. In order to enjoy the beach, our pet must be regularly registered with thecanine registry. There is also a label to respect, when on site, in order not to make this space unlivable, even when densely populated. First of all, dogs must remain on a leash, a maximum of one and a half meters long, and must not disturb the people present, and not even their fellowmen. No saucy sniffing, no growl or gesture of aggression towards others.

Hygiene is also essential, and that is why no dog with fleas, ticks or other parasites can access the free stretch of beach, each owner must also collect the needs produced by their animal, on time. Shovel and bags in hand, therefore, and let's also equip ourselves with a muzzle in case of need.

Dogs on the beach: Sardinia

After this good news, let's go and see what happens in the rest of Italy where there is no shortage of excellent destinations for dogs and holidaymakers, indeed! There will always be rules to be respected and that's a good thing, otherwise these beautiful free beaches would turn into in a short time degraded, unattainable and partly dangerous spaces.
We start from one of the Regions that so many in the world envy us for the splendid sea and for the nature that dives into it.

There Sardinia. Here, throughout the territory, the dogs are allowed to go to the beach before 8 am and after 8 pm. A godsend for those who come with their friend on a leash. Just be civil and polite, and we can enjoy one of the best seas in the world with a lot of freedom.

Dogs on the beach: Tuscany

Also there Tuscany is a region among the most popular among beach tourists and can boast many spaces for dogs, whether there are several free beaches or pet-friendly bathing establishments. In all there are 397 welcoming kilometers, in particular I advise you to stay near Castiglione della Pescaia, Follonica, Orbetello and Viareggio.

Dogs on the beach: Italy

In every Region with beaches, we can find those that welcome our friends and us, consequently. Let us not be discouraged, therefore, and seek. There are in Liguria, in Imperia, Genoa and Savona, but also in the Marche, in the areas of Ancona, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, and then in Abruzzo, near Teramo or Chieti. In Lazio the decision to ban dogs on the beach has even been declared illegitimate and various initiatives are underway to improve the situation so that the beaches of this region can be among the first in the ranking for dog owners. Going south there is a lot in the sea and adequate spaces. There is no lack of spaces for 4-legged people, not even in Southern Italy.

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